Cameron & John : Crystal Mountain Wedding

A lot of people talk about getting married on the top of a mountain, but few actually do it. Cameron and John’s wedding was breathtaking — not simply for the spectacular vistas of the mountain valleys and forests, but more importantly for the incredible amount of love between the couple and their friends and family. We felt so fortunate to document their day and tell their story.

Cameron & John Wedding-24_web
Cameron & John Wedding-3_web
Cameron & John Wedding-14_web
Cameron & John Wedding-26_web
Cameron & John Wedding-32_web
Cameron & John Wedding-38_web
Cameron & John Wedding-45_web
Cameron & John Wedding-65_web
Cameron & John Wedding-48_web
Cameron & John Wedding-68_web
Cameron & John Wedding-76_web
Cameron & John Wedding-83_web
Cameron & John Wedding-91_web
Cameron & John Wedding-100_web
Cameron & John Wedding-120_web
Cameron & John Wedding-125_web
Cameron & John Wedding-131_web
Cameron & John Wedding-138_web
Cameron & John Wedding-160_web
Cameron & John Wedding-146_web
Cameron & John Wedding-147_web
Cameron & John Wedding-152_web
Cameron & John Wedding-165_web
Cameron & John Wedding-168_web
Cameron & John Wedding-175_web
Cameron & John Wedding-183_web
Cameron & John Wedding-184 edit_web
Cameron & John Wedding-193_web
Cameron & John Wedding-196_web
Cameron & John Wedding-198_web
Cameron & John Wedding-205_web
Cameron & John Wedding-208_web
Cameron & John Wedding-216_web
Cameron & John Wedding-225_web
Cameron & John Wedding-244_web
Cameron & John Wedding-254_web
Cameron & John Wedding-302_web
Cameron & John Wedding-339_web
Cameron & John Wedding-651_web
Cameron & John Wedding-334_web
Cameron & John Wedding-343_web
Cameron & John Wedding-353_web
Cameron & John Wedding-357_web
Cameron & John Wedding-363_web
Cameron & John Wedding-419_web
Cameron & John Wedding-437_web
Cameron & John Wedding-439_web
Cameron & John Wedding-459_web
Cameron & John Wedding-446_web
Cameron & John Wedding-475_web
Cameron & John Wedding-478_web
Cameron & John Wedding-482_web
Cameron & John Wedding-506_web
Cameron & John Wedding-523_web
Cameron & John Wedding-528_web
Cameron & John Wedding-531_web
Cameron & John Wedding-505_web
Cameron & John Wedding-538_web
Cameron & John Wedding-569_web
Cameron & John Wedding-585_web
Cameron & John Wedding-579_web
Cameron & John Wedding-580_web
Cameron & John Wedding-600_web
Cameron & John Wedding-620_web
Cameron & John Wedding-660_web
Cameron & John Wedding-665_web
Cameron & John Wedding-674_web
Cameron & John Wedding-708_web
Cameron & John Wedding-729_web
Cameron & John Wedding-732_web
Cameron & John Wedding-792_web
Cameron & John Wedding-823_web
Cameron & John Wedding-833_web
Cameron & John Wedding-845_web
Cameron & John Wedding-846_web
Cameron & John Wedding-849_web
Cameron & John Wedding-867_web
Cameron & John Wedding-870_web
Cameron & John Wedding-876_web
Cameron & John Wedding-877_web
Cameron & John Wedding-812_web
Cameron & John Wedding-779_web

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Amanda & Ethan : Whidbey Island Wedding at Jenne Farm

Amanda and Ethan’s wedding was a beautiful affair reflecting the couple’s creativity and dedication to family and friends. As professional artists, Amanda and Ethan are part of a community from across the country and around the world — many of whom were able to travel to join together and celebrate. The timeless beauty and serenity of Whidbey Island’s Jenne Farm provided the perfect backdrop for Amanda and Ethan’s colorful wedding.

Amanda & Ethan Wedding-1_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-5_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-10_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-12_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-25_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-28_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-30_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-40_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-44_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-56_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-57_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-66_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-72_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-73_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-74_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-83_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-84_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-367_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-88_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-105_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-110_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-113_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-119_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-130_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-131_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-136_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-139_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-149_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-156_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-151_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-162_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-183_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-184_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-192_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-200_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-211_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-224_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-229_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-240_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-241_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-255_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-261_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-268_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-270_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-292_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-294_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-299_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-310_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-325_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-355_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-358_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-359_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-365_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-379_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-383_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-392_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-466_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-480_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-485_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-491_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-494_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-495_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-518_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-522_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-552_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-572_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-619_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-621_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-625_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-639_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-643_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-662_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-675_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-676_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-680_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-710_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-712_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-715_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-726_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-727_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-734_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-736_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-767_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-779_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-809_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-812_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-813_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-852_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-859_web
Amanda & Ethan Wedding-916_web


  1. Thank you, Jaquilyn, for capturing so beautifully the light, the scenery, the personalities and the emotions that flowed that day at Ethan and Amanda’s wonderful wedding.

    Corinne Stern says:

  2. Great work. Awesome couple, awesome location. A true party.

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