My Girls at Seven Months

We don’t take enough pictures of our own lives, especially in this exciting time. To fix this I took Jaquilyn on a mini-photoshoot to document this stage in her pregnancy. She looks so beautiful. I know people always talk about the pregnancy glow, and now I see what they’re talking about.

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  1. Oh my wow… Such a gorgeous mother. Such a beautiful time. So, so fall-y… :)

  2. Seriously she is so freaking GORGEOUS!!! LOVE these and love your sweet wife.

  3. Beautiful mama. Insist on more pics Travis. :)

  4. these are amazingly beautiful!!

  5. pretty much the cutest pictures of all time.

  6. preg-glow to the umpteenth degree.

  7. you look absolutely stunning! love the fall colors. beautiful shots. well done shumates. BEAUTIFUL!

  8. what a beautiful lady and beautiful pictures! love them.

  9. you look amazing!!

  10. amazing amazing amazing!

  11. what a beautiful mama . xoxo.

  12. You look beautiful, Jaqui! Great photos, Papa Shumate!!!

  13. Wow… these pictures are beautiful. I’m so excited for you both! :)

  14. my my my. it’s so wonderufl to read your perspective on J. so cute. the glow. this session is gorgeous and It is so special that YOU get to be the one to shoot her with you baby inside.

    Andria Lindquist says:

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