Adrian and Melissa : Orting, Washington

July 17th, 2009 turned out to be a beautiful day to tie the knot. We were thrilled to be asked to capture their most special day at The Orting Manor, a gorgeous Victorian-style venue in downtown Orting. Travis’ brother, Matt Shumate, came out from Spokane to help cover the wedding.

It was a hot day in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, but both both Adrian and Melissa remained remarkably relaxed and cool. I cried through the entire ceremony — wedding’s just have that effect on me! The reception was also sweet. Travis and I were able to dance to “Passing Afternoon” by Iron and Wine — the same song we danced to on our own wedding day.

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  1. these are awesome!

  2. okay seriously, you are amazing. these are ALL incredible! i love them! do my wedding. serious.

  3. These are so pretty. The editing is beautiful.

    They really made the bridal party's simple black and white look so very classy.

  4. Jacqui these are INCREDIBLE! Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos and that dress!! what a stunning couple!

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos Jacqui! What a wonderful wedding to shoot.

  6. Jaqui,
    These photos are so beautiful. You are such an
    artist. I think big things are in store for you as you continue to use your gifts & talents to bless others and document their special life occassions. Dreams can and do come true…keep doing your enchanting work and one day it will be what you will be doing all of the time:)

  7. Beautiful work!!

  8. Wow, your images came out great! My wife loved your pictures. I remember when you were telling me about this shoot… I really like the 9th one, looks like a magazine spread.


  9. The two indoor shots (with Adrienne and Melissa and the one with the wedding party) … SO MAGAZINE-WORTHY. I need to know how you did those! Any tricks or just a great camera and great room full of beautiful people? :-)

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