Liana & Herschell : South Lake Union Wedding

Prior to Liana & Herschell’s ceremony at Cuoco in South Lake Union, they joined their family in a traditional tea ceremony in their home. These two beautiful ceremonies were combined with endless amounts of delicious food (Herschell works for Tom Douglas Restaurants) and dancing, resulting in the perfect day. We adore Liana & Herschell. In addition to being such a gorgeous couple, they are the sweetest people, and they went out of their way to make sure their guests were laughing and that bellies were full.
Liana & Herschell Wedding-9_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-6_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-16_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-5_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-20_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-17_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-25_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-31_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-27_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-53_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-43_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-55_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-62_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-63_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-64_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-65_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-69_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-67_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-79_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-73_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-84_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-86_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-88_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-91_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-94_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-98_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-100_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-117_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-122_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-126_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-147_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-144_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-150_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-155_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-167_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-178_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-174_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-179_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-198_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-204_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-200_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-221_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-233_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-236_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-241_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-264_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-266_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-258_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-270_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-269_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-274_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-276_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-280_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-285_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-295_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-315_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-330_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-332_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-338_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-334_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-341_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-343_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-352_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-384_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-354_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-373_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-383_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-408_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-412_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-456_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-458_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-479_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-483_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-499_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-508_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-501_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-510_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-513_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-517_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-526_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-520_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-547_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-554_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-556_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-573_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-583_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-580_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-588_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-596_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-604_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-605_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-626_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-673_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-680_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-708_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-703_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-722_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-733_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-729_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-741_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-767_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-819_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-809_web
Liana & Herschell Wedding-797_web

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Kate & Trevor : Portland Wedding

Beautiful. Classy. Elegant. Kate and Trevor’s downtown Portland wedding was straight out of a timeless movie, with a ceremony at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral that was followed by a garden reception at the lovely Town Club. We had such a great time documenting Trevor and Kate’s wedding and celebrating with their friends and family. We feel so fortunate to have formed such a great connection with these two!
Kate & Trevor Wedding-4_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-11_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-14_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-17_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-33_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-24_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-43_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-54_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-44_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-58_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-61_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-66_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-71_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-74_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-83_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-84_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-104_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-94_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-124_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-138_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-185_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-195_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-197_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-225_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-210_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-231_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-259_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-288_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-319_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-338_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-337_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-351_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-380_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-383_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-390_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-396_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-402_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-408_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-415_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-412_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-416_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-420_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-428_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-438_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-436_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-453_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-457_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-459_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-461_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-467_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-503_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-471_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-518_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-535_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-552_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-571_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-597_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-607_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-610_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-614_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-686_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-691_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-692_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-728_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-733_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-744_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-753_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-771_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-791_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-792_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-795_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-804_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-812_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-816_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-818_web
Kate & Trevor Wedding-815_web

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Caitlin & Andrew : Orcas Island Wedding

Caitlin & Andrew were married at the gorgeous Turtlehead Farm on Orcas Island. The working sawmill provided a unique backdrop for their sweet ceremony, which was followed by a gorgeous reception on the other side of the farm in the barn. It was a relaxed affair that perfectly fit the setting, complete with live music from the incredibly talented The Swearengens.
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-22_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-13_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-16_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-12_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-26_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-9_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-6_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-11_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-42_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-34_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-58_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-64_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-61_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-66_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-72_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-68_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-74_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-76_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-93_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-96_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-107_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-100_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-112_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-123_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-125_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-128_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-139_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-147_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-155_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-156_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-164_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-187_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-197_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-198_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-201_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-204_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-218_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-213_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-221_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-227_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-233_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-289_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-300_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-301_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-305_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-311_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-309_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-347_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-328_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-319_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-362_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-366_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-394_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-395_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-391_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-397_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-424_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-473_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-468_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-495_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-499_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-521_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-520_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-526_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-390_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-429_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-253_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-400_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-421_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-412_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-535_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-538_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-560_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-561_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-567_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-569_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-578_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-586_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-600_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-603_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-624_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-635_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-645_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-661_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-662_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-668_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-692_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-732_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-762_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-773_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-798_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-815_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-818_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-822_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-825_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-830_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-861_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-878_web
Caitlin & Andrew Wedding Web-875_web
Venue: Turtlehead Farm
Florist: Botany 101 Floral
Dress: Winifred Bean from The Dress Theory
Event Planning: Cloud 9 Events
Music: The Swearengens

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Summer & Jordan : Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement

Opting for a simple ceremony that celebrated their love and devotion, Summer and Jordan chose Washington’s Rattlesnake Ridge as the location to share their vows. We joined the couple at the trailhead to start the hike, which gains 1,175 feet of elevation in just under two miles. Summer and Jordan climbed to the majestic ridge overlooking Rattlesnake Lake and the Cascade Mountains. Experiencing such a momentous experience on a mountain overlooking endless forests added to the serene power of their elopement.

Summer & Jordan Wedding-6_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-2_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-11_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-19_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-31_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-53_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-28_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-61_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-67_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-84_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-69_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-97_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-88_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-93_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-103_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-117_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-119_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-147_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-126_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-151_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-159_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-248_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-214_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-249_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-265_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-253_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-211_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-269_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-299_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-359_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-402_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-390_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-335_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-427_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-435_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-432_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-447_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-452_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-457_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-482_web
Summer & Jordan Wedding-487_web

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Monica and Kevin : Jenne Farm Whidbey Island Wedding

What an unforgettable wedding! The gorgeous Jenne Farm on Whidbey Island provided the perfect Pacific Northwest backdrop, with a gorgeous farmhouse, barns, forests and fields. Monica and Kevin exchanged vows in a small field overlooking the farm and the Puget Sound. The ceremony was sweet and emotional with poetry read in English and Spanish, and personal vows that illustrated their deep love. We are so glad to have formed a friendship with these two!
Monica and Kevin Wedding-18_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-1_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-10_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-5_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-15_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-21_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-27_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-24_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-46_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-30_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-50_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-49_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-55_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-52_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-57_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-60_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-75_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-69_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-82_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-90_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-111_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-105_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-95_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-113_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-120_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-122_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-130_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-136_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-144_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-139_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-167_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-181_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-214_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-188_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-258_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-253_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-292_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-274_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-318_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-312_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-321_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-295_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-334_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-333_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-342_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-356_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-383_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-382_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-390_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-400_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-392_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-405_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-403_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-407_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-417_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-422_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-440_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-447_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-455_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-451_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-456_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-478_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-427_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-472_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-473_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-514_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-505_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-518_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-522_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-534_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-541_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-547_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-537_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-550_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-580_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-566_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-582_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-584_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-588_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-586_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-604_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-608_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-607_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-620_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-621_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-648_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-657_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-669_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-718_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-693_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-728_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-731_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-736_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-743_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-746_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-751_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-781_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-771_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-790_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-792_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-793_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-802_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-807_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-819_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-814_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-820_web
Monica and Kevin Wedding-821_web
Venue: Jenne Farm
Catering: Via Tribunali
Dress: J. Crew
Music: Patrick Watson & Fleet Foxes
Poetry: Pablo Neruda
Desserts made by family.

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Jordan and Josh : Wayfarer Farm – Whidbey Island Wedding

Whidbey Island’s Wayfarer Farm is quite possibly the perfect wedding venue with its trees, fields, Airstream, long tables, intimate farmhouses, vintage details and beautiful accents. Add to that a beautiful couple with their friends and family, and you get an unforgettable celebration. True to Jordan and Josh’s style, their wedding was sweet and relaxed with lawn games and a delicious dinner in the summer shade, culminating in some fantastic dancing as the sun was setting. We are so happy to have shared this day with Jordan and Josh.
Josh and Jordan Wedding-16_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-8_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-5_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-17_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-26_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-27_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-28_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-31_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-35_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-36_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-43_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-44_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-48_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-49_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-52_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-66_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-56_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-92_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-87_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-93_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-95_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-99_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-102_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-108_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-111_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-115_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-116_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-136_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-151_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-155_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-171_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-178_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-174_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-196_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-198_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-201_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-211_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-223_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-243_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-247_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-248_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-260_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-287_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-302_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-347_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-224_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-342_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-352_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-368_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-371_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-383_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-354_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-385_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-384_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-396_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-386_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-398_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-408_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-417_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-424_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-471_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-431_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-474_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-478_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-486_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-502_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-505_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-525_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-520_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-543_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-541_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-548_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-560_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-549_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-579_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-679_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-626_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-685_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-710_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-717_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-764_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-749_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-768_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-694_web
Josh and Jordan Wedding-771_web

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Jennifer and Kevin : Redmond, Washington Wedding

This was simply one of the sweetest, most poignant weddings we have photographed. The warmth and love that Jennifer and Kevin’s family and friends showed was moving. The details — all designed and curated by Jennifer — combined with the gorgeous forest setting to create the perfect backdrop for their wedding. The day was full of sweet, heartfelt moments, including when Kevin played the same song his father wrote for his mother on their wedding day.
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-19_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-4_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-6_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-9_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-17_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-33_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-12_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-23_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-35_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-37_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-43_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-51_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-61_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-66_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-68_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-73_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-75_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-79_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-85_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-94_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-193_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-104_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-202_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-137_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-126_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-138_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-149_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-150_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-160_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-213_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-216_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-226_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-235_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-237_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-258_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-245_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-247_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-265_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-268_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-271_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-275_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-293_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-355_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-329_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-330_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-334_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-332_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-363_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-349_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-362_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-390_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-392_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-405_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-408_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-402_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-438_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-424_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-477_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-445_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-462_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-492_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-484_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-488_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-496_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-514_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-518_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-523_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-519_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-577_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-595_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-619_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-569_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-630_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-651_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-666_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-678_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-698_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-711_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-736_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-747_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-749_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-760_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-757_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-768_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-774_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-783_web
Jennifer and Kevin Wedding-754_web

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Maxine and Titus : Prosser Wedding

What a beautiful day! Maxine and Titus were married in the heart of Washington’s wine country at the Seven Gables Pensione. The French-inspired farmhouse and the picturesque setting along the Yakima River created a serene backdrop for the couple to celebrate their marriage with family and friends. Congratulations!
Maxine and Titus Wedding-15_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-3_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-6_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-7_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-13_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-24_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-34_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-42_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-50_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-53_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-59_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-81_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-66_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-91_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-94_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-95_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-138_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-145_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-192_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-101_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-221_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-224 bw_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-256_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-253_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-284_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-286_web
Maxine and Titus Wedding-295_web
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Christina and Ryan : Seattle Wedding

These two are all class and style! With a heavy helping of mountain cabin details and timeless fashion, the look and design of Christina and Ryan’s wedding was combined with genuine joy and love to create an unforgettable day. Following a private ceremony in the Seattle LDS Temple, Christina and Ryan celebrated with a reception at Blakely Hall. We love these two and wish them all the best at the start of the journey!

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Lydia and Eric : Port Townsend Wedding

We’ve known these two for a few years now and were even there when they met (at Christian and Andie’s engagement party). Naturally we were thrilled when they got engaged and equally thrilled when they hired us to photograph their wedding. Their maritime-themed wedding took place in the charming Port Townsend at the Rose Theater with a beautiful reception at the Northwest Maritime Center. Granted, the day was cold and wet, but hearts were warm as we celebrated with Lydia and Eric!

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