Lucia at 18 Days

Happy New Year! We’re so excited for this next year and what it holds for us, our business and our little Lucia. It’s amazing to see her grow and change already. I think we’ll keep her!

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  1. Incredibly sweet! It’s gonna be fun watching her grow up through your beautiful photos!!

  2. What a beautiful little babe! So happy for you guys :)

  3. She is so beautiful!!!! These pictures are so sweet. Can’t wait to meet her : )

    Tonhya Kae says:

  4. Lucia is stealing hearts… We cannot wait to meet your little gem. xoxo

  5. Beautiful peaceful creature, Lucia

    Lindsay MacDonald says:

  6. i miss her. and you!

  7. She really is so incredibly beautiful. I want to hold her so stinkin bad.

  8. Your baby is beautiful, and so is your photography!

  9. She is beautiful. And what a sweet nursery! Congrats you two!

  10. […] agree more. Papa and I loved just staring at you for hours while you stared back at us with those bright eyes of […]

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